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Gifts Women Like

  • 1. Think hard about what kind of person she is.Women want to know that you pay attention to them and the types of things they are into. Think about her hobbies, interests, and personality - is she sporty or girly? Does she love to cook or does she love to travel? No matter what you end up with, she'll appreciate the fact that you tried to find something just for her.
  • 2. Take mental notes when she talks.A few weeks before a big birthday or holiday be sure to listen closely to your lady and see if she mentions anything she's been eyeing. Especially take note when out shopping, she's bound to mention something she wants. Some women even intentionally drop subtle hints, so pay attention!
  • 3. Make sure you give something appropriate for your level of relationship.Be sure to consider the seriousness of your relationship when buying a gift. The gift you give someone you just started dating should be very different than the gift you give your wife. We recommend "experience gifts" for early relationships, do something together like a cooking class, couples massage, etc. Been together for a while? Splurge on jewelry, personalized or sentimental options.
  • 4. Give something personalized.So many gifts can be engraved, embroidered and customized. Try to find something that you can put your initials on, use a photo of the two of you, or write a special message on. Personalized gifts shows you put some extra thought into it. Be sure to order far in advance.
  • 5. Don't forget the wow factor.Try to add in special touches to every gift you give her. Spend some extra time wrapping the gift - if it's a small necklace wrap it in a huge box so she has no idea what it is. Give her your present at a romantic spot you both love, bring wine and snacks. Or send her on a scavenger hunt to find her gift. And always, always write a sweet card.

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    Very True! Thanks for the advise.

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